for Companies

Train your people and gain a competitive edge!

We invent and run exciting online training packages!

Our packages are tailor-made for corporations and cover individuals, and groups, small or large. They are designed for general managers, specialists, and those in corporate functions. Our experience is based on a knowledge of technology that permeates sectors such as automotive, electronics, banking and finance, construction and real estate, and pharma.

Our packages include

  • Aspects of latest
  • Technology impact on latest management practice
  • Technology types and management
  • International business challenges of technology
  • Management performance in a technology world

Who it is for?

Our packages are for managers

  • In business process and organisation change
  • In fast-moving technology environments
  • In international business projects
  • In negotiation situations

One-week Cambridge Campus Experience

Give your students an exceptional opportunity!

Best-in-class sessions given by Cambridge business trainers

Accommodation in a university college or hotel

Unforgettable experience of Cambridge life

Networking opportunity with our international business school faculty

Prestigious certificate

Business Buzz – Short Courses Online

Business Buzz is a series of short courses for your people. Keep them ahead of the game!

  • Online programme of short courses throughout the year
  • Latest developments in business and related topics
  • Cambridge Valid faculty business trainers
  • Cambridge Valid Certificate of Attendance


Benefits for Companies

  • Ensure your people are
  • On top of latest developments in technology and business
  • Forward-looking
  • Top communicators of trends and issues
  • Great performers in meetings and negotiations
  • Cambridge Valid!

Benefits for Managers

The Cambridge Valid stamp on certificates is a valued sign of quality. Attendees of Cambridge Validated programs will be not only highly competent knowledge owners but also leaders in technology management, business processes, and business development.