Our mission is to support business people in developing their skills according to latest knowledge and practice.

Our team of experts

Our expert validators are all internationally recognised in their field. In addition, they have experience of running programmes and courses at postgraduate level and high-level teaching. We have a core team of experts based in Cambridge, but we draw on associates in many countries and institutions to complement our service.

Our standards: the Cambridge Valid Knowledge Base

We benchmark standards evidenced by the best practice of international top business schools. Through regular monitoring, we keep our knowledge fresh and up-to-date. We base our authority on the Cambridge Valid Knowledge Base. This knowledge base also enables us both to find particular instances of best practice and content and to identify trends and hot areas.

How we deliver knowledge and skills

The Cambridge Valid Knowledge Base comprises a bank of materials ranging from presentations to business and industry reports and articles. Some items are prepared in-house by our experts and others are carefully collated from freely available academic and business sources.

All the material generated and used by our trainers for the online and onsite sessions is provided to the students at the time.

President of Cambridge Valid Business School

Mark Perkins MA, MA, PhD, LTCL, LRAM, FRSA

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London, Dr Mark Perkins is a dynamic educator in business and academic training and is Editor-in-Chief of Cambridge Explorations in Arts and Sciences (CEAS). Sometime lecturer in universities in Italy, Czechoslovakia, and Sweden, he currently trains faculty and students in various countries and runs training courses for European companies. Mark also publishes widely, and his latest articles have focussed on medical education, technology, and ethics.