for Business Schools

Build image and gain competitive advantage!

We validate and benchmark your MBA program!

Our comprehensive validation service is based on an assessment of the integration of technology in your programs

Our validation service includes the following aspects

  • One systematic tech-based procedure encompassing best international practice
  • Validation of program structure, content, methods, and learning outcomess
  • Validation of your use of technology in content research, materials production, and teaching tools
  • Validation of tech integration in program structure, content, methods, and learning outcomes
  • Peer review report with a multidimensional benchmarking analysis
  • Optimal development path guidance
  • Certificate of quality
  • The right to use the Cambridge Valid stamp on promotional materials and degree certificates

The benefits of our validation service are

  • International validation and recognition as tech-integrated
  • Increased prestige and attraction
  • Competitive advantage in your markets
  • Increased enrolment

We also validate all other business programs on Master’s and Doctorate levels.

Our standards: the Cambridge Valid Knowledge Base

We benchmark standards evidenced by the best practice of international top business schools with integrated technology. Through regular monitoring, we keep our knowledge fresh and up-to-date. We base our authority on the Cambridge Valid Knowledge Base. This knowledge base also enables us both to find particular instances of best practice and content and to identify trends and hot areas. Cambridge has the most intense concentration of science and technology in the world and is part of the UK technology industry, the third largest in the world.

One-week Cambridge Campus Experience

Give your students an exceptional opportunity!

Best-in-class sessions given by Cambridge business trainers

Accommodation in a university college or hotel

Unforgettable experience of Cambridge life

Networking opportunity with our international business school faculty

Prestigious certificate

Business Buzz – Short Courses Online

Business Buzz is a series of short courses on technology, business, and management. Offer Business Buzz to your students and keep them ahead of the game!

  • Online programme of short courses throughout the year
  • Latest developments in technology, business and related topics
  • Cambridge Valid faculty business trainers
  • Cambridge Valid Certificate of Attendance


Benefits for Business Schools

  • Enhance your global recognition through Cambridge Valid membership
  • Consolidate your reputation for technology integration in your programs
  • Build your Business School network
  • Grow your student base
  • Grow your alumni network

As members of the Cambridge Valid community business schools can gain global recognition and status as quality providers of MBA and other business degrees. Cambridge Valid will also help schools to ensure that they stay ahead of developments in business education, technology, and innovation. Becoming a member also means joining a peer group of like-minded schools with experience to share and achieving a higher profile for student recruitment and alumni engagement.

Benefits for Students

Students of member business schools will automatically join the Cambridge Valid community and gain member benefits. These benefits may continue after graduation and include networking and access to further educational opportunities.

Benefits for Employers

The Cambridge Valid stamp on degree certificates is a sign of quality valued by employers. They can be assured that graduates from Cambridge Validated programmes will be not only highly competent managers but also game changers in technology leadership, business processes, and business development.

Join our Cambridge Valid Business School Community (CVBSC) and Reap the Benefits!

Contribute to our validation and benchmarking system

Schools in the Cambridge Valid community are invited to liaise with the Cambridge Valid team and contribute to our ongoing process of validation and benchmarking development. Only continuous improvement gives us the right to evaluate the degree of continuous improvement of others. Our legitimacy is based on remaining open and transparent.